What is Sneer?

Sneer is a free and open source sovereign computing platform. It will run on Android, then Windows, Mac and Linux using the JVM. It enables you to:
  • Create your personal cluster by sharing hardware resources (CPU, disk space, network bandwidth) with your friends.
  • Host your own social network, information and media.
  • Create sovereign applications and share them with others.
  • Download and run sovereign applications created by others.
You can do all these things directly with your peers, in an autonomous, sovereign way, without depending on online service providers such as email providers, Google, Facebook, etc.

What is Sovereign Computing?

Sovereign computing is peer-to-peer social networking taken to extremes. It is the freedom to share information and hardware resources with your friends any way you please. Sovereign applications are open source, peer-to-peer, social network applications. Learn more.

Is Sneer Yet Another Social Network?

There is only ONE human social network and it is composed of all human relationships in real life.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are not social networks, therefore. They are only partial, online misrepresentations of the same singleton human social network.

Sneer does not take your data away from you to keep somewhere else. It just helps you control your own social network, your own data and how you will be share it with others.

Where is the Source Code?

On Github:

Why Java?

  • It runs on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • The Java open source community is strong and the VM and the compiler are free software.
  • The JVM runs Clojure, our language of choice.
  • It supports many other languages, including JRuby, Jython and Scala.
  • Java offers a strong security model. When you decide to download code from some peer, Sneer will run it in a secure sandbox.

How can I develop an application for Sneer?

Get in touch with us using the links below.

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